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Health Exercise

Tai Chi   

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial exercise with slow graceful moving postures

More often practiced for health Tai Chi can be practiced for health for sport and also self defence. Practitioners can often develop an inner and outward calm as the exercise flows into their daily life.

Tai Chi is well research both by the Chinese and Americans and results have shown that Tai Chi can be most beneficial for conditions associated with the aging process, amongst these benefits by improving balance and body awareness Tai Chi can  reduced risks falls in older people.

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Spiritually Inspiring Stories

Inner peace and Inspiration

Writer Melinda

When you are having the impression that you are under the spell off others, you are wrong. It is in yourself, calmness is a part of yourself. Of course there are external influences which can affect you but the strength in you is the true balance that makes you aware to find again always peace inside.

Inspiration is building where harmony is. You are working in togetherness with the environment, synchronizing in the situation, place and moment.

Only on times of inner calmness is inspiration finding its way towards you.

I write this down and I am aware how simple it is, but to practise it is far from simple.

Melinda, april 2010

Mistakes don’t exist

Writer by Xander

Can you really make a mistake? I don’t mean the criminal mistakes, I am talking about the fact of thinking over how things should have been when you have made a different decision on your life path.

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Spiritual Health

Yoga and Tao Yoga, The Way of Nature

A part of being in the right performance of yoga is to balance the habits. Eat normal, sleep normal, the body needs to be kept fit. To be in control of your mind . When you are able to use a space where you can practice alone it will benefit you. Keep you life free from anxiety and keep all your engagements moderated.


Yoga is body and mind consciousness  

Hatha Yoga: Control of body

Jnana Yoga: Intellect and mind awareness

Raja Yoga: Inner concentration

Bhakti Yoga: Divine love

Karma Yoga: Discipline of action

Who is practicing Yoga will get more strength in body and mind, more clear thinking, balance in emotion and oneness. Energy in harmony by exercises in breathing and total awareness of balance of the mind.


A warm space create the atmosphere where you can practice, transforming and healing.


Healing, health and transformation


Stonehenge The well known mystical standing stone circle Stonehenge, a prehistoric Bronze Age monument and world heritage site.

Weather a Temple, observatory of the sky or having another use which we can only surmise about, the true function of Stonehenge which with a history of more than 3000 years has been lost in time.

Stonehenge is about to undergo a redevelopment. There are no worries Stonehenge won’t be going under the bulldozer just yet the ancient stones will benefit from environmental improvements due to start in 2011. The plans are to remove intrusive buildings and car park from the site and to close the road (A344) and returning it to grass land. The road (A344) cuts across the original access avenue to Stonehenge close to the stones and the closure of the road will improve visitors experience by reducing the visual impact of traffic. There will also be a new visitor’s centre sited at Airman’s Corner 1.5 mills (2.5KM) form Stonehenge.

The improvements will give Stonehenge a setting worthy of its significance. Receiving 800,000 visitors and 40,000 educational visitors every year the existing visitor faculties are in adequate having no provision for education. The reciting and improvements of the visitor centre will add a multi functional educational area for school groups and other visitors. There are also plans for a new dedicated exhibition space.

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Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Investigators

Strange sounds, things that go bump in the night might lead you to believe that there is something strange going on. Unexplained activity in your home could raise your concerns and lead you to believe that you have a haunting or ghost in the house.

There are many things that can’t be explained easily, for those things that lie outside the normal scientific explanations there is help at hand through the Paranormal Investigator.

More Paranormal

Mysterious Orbs

Although not proven many people believe that the Orbs caught by film or digital cameras are evidence of  paranormal activity or have other strange spiritual explanations. Some Christian groups have considered them as angles

What Are They ?